Flotte Sprüche von Vorbecks Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft in geschliffenem Englisch:

Hardly anyone talks of the table of virtues and vices anymore — which includes the Seven Deadly Sins — but in reviewing them, we find that they nicely sum up the foundation of bourgeois ethics, and provide a solid moral critique of the modern state.……….we do need to observe that vices and virtues — and our conception of what constitutes proper behavior and culture generally — have a strong bearing on the rise and decline of freedom.

— Llewellynn H. Rockwell Jr.

Flotte Sprüche von Vorbecks Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft in geschliffenem Englisch:

“What we want are satisfied clients.”


“UVS – The Multi-Boutique – we chose this name deliberately. Just like the famous Lafayette Gallery offers you haute couture under one roof, we bundle the investment expertise of prestigious asset managers in a unique range of funds. As a subsidiary of Universal-Investment, one of Germany’s leading investment companies, we introduce to you a variety of private label funds of differing investment styles matched by no one.”


“Our shareholders consist of prestigious private banks some of which have offered banking services for hundreds of years. This guarantees our independence and neutrality.”


“Independent – because as a subsidiary of prestigious private banks we are one of the few neutral fund companies in Germany.”


“Experienced – because we have played a pioneering role in Germany’s fund landscape for 40 years. In 1970, we launched the first private label fund – a first for the industry.”


“Innovative – because we are in the vanguard of technological innovation in the fund industry.”


“Ever since 1968, the year we were founded, our special shareholder status has guaranteed Universal-Investment’s independence and neutrality. Our business policy is not dictated by a dominant parent company but on an equal basis by five private banks. You, the client, benefit from this because it means we can represent your interests objectively rather than having to meet group-specific guidelines.”


“Our strategic partners – international asset management groups, banks, investment boutiques and independent asset managers – have special expertise and many years of extensive experience in the investment business.”


“For this purpose, we provide flexible interfaces and then nothing else stands in the way of our reporting services!”


We will be happy to help you. Come and have a talk with us!”


The times when investors required only fund administration services from investment companies are well and truly over.”


Pure fund administration is a thing of the past, today it’s a question of supplementary services and added value. Here you find out which customised services we offer.“


“The haute couture of mutual funds”

We like to call them the ‘haute couture’ of mutual funds because they are clearly different from mass market products. For the mutual fund concept Universal-Investment works with successful fund boutiques, prestigious private banks and asset management groups. All of them have many years of extensive experience and special expertise in the investment business.”


Zitat in geschliffenem Englisch aus der Homepage der Frankfurter KAG Universal Investment Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung.



Zu dieser „haute couture of mutual funds“ gehören unter anderem folgende Fonds mit recht schlechter Performance:


Europa-Actio-Matrix-Universal-Fonds (liquidiert in 2006)

DAC-Kontrast-Universal-Fonds (liquidiert 2010), DE0008490699

DAC Fonds UI (liquidiert 2010), DE0009781740

Quant.Managed Futures Universal Fonds (liquidiert), DE000A0Q2SL1

BN & Partner Global Fonds UI, DE000A0B5LC5 (liquidiert)

SecurVario Global Fonds UI, DE000A0M13U6 (liquidiert)

HWV®FlexConceptBasis UI, Dachfonds gemischt flexibel, DE000A0M1P71 (liquidiert)

Damm Rumpf Hering Universal Fonds, Dachfonds gemischt flexibel, DE0009848564 (liquidiert)

Romulus Core A Universal Fonds (LU0519419856) – liquidiert

Romulus Core B Universal Fonds (LU0519419930) – liquidiert

Romulus Core C Universal Fonds (LU0519420276) – liquidiert

Da Vinci Strategie UI Fonds, Mischfond flexibel, DE000A0RE964 (wird liquidiert)

Stay-C-Commodity Fund UI Anteilsklasse I (DE000A1CU8K) – liquidiert?

Stay-C-Commodity Fund UI Anteilsklasse R (DE000A1CU8J)

GCA Global Managed Futures UI Fonds (DE000A1JLRK7) – wird liquidiert

VIGH – Strategie I UI (DE000A0RE998) – wird liquidiert

NW Arche Noah (DE000A0Q5R01 )- wird liquidiert

MC1 Universal Anteilsklasse V (DE000A1COUT9) – wird liquidiert

Absolute Return Plus UI A (DE000A0M80V3) – wird liquidiert

Absolute Return Plus UI B (DE000A1JGBY2) – wird liquidiert

Time Alpha (DE000A0RN5X0) wird liquidiert

Berenberg Currency Alpha AK R (DE000A0RGXP9) – wird liquidiert

Berenberg Currency Alpha AK I (DE000A0RGXQ7) – wird liquidiert

Premium Currencies UI I, DE000A0YJF42 (wird liquidiert)

Premium Currencies UI R, DE000A0YJF34 (wird liquidiert)


Spiekermann & Co Strategie I (DE000A0M13R2)

SPF MG Alpha Plus UI I (DE000A0YKM089)

FP Erfolgsstrategie Dynamik UI (DE000A0M6dJ2)

Multi Asset Value Invest (DE000A0M7WM4)

VR Bank KT EuroProtect UI (DE0009789875)

Lebenswerte Zukunft Rentenfonds UI (DE000a1JSXE3)

TC Fonds Select Systematic (LU0107818923)

JRS-International-Universal-Fonds (DE0009848473)

KBG Athene Portfolio UI(DE000A0YJF75)

KGN Global UI (DE000A0MWKE8)

Multi-Return-Fund (DE000A0MQR19)

GCA Global Managed Futures UI (DE000A1JLRK7)

„FIVV Aktien China Select UI“ (DE000AOJELL5)

World Top Emerging Market Fund UI AK P (DE000A1JN4S2)

Direct Invest Explorer Select I Anteilsklasse R (DE000A0NEBE3)

Direct Invest Explorer Select I Anteilsklasse I (DE000A0NEBF0)

Währungsfonds UI (DE000A1JZLD5)

VB-Alpha-Intelligence-Fund R (DE000A1JUU53)

VB-Alpha-Intelligence-Fund I (DE000A1JUU61) – wird liquidiert

VB Zinsalpha-Euro B (DE000A0RGTS1)

VB Zinsalpha-Euro A (DE000A0RGTR3)

Optimal Risk Return Strategy UI (DE000A1J31X6)

pro aurum ValueFlex (DE000AA0YEQY6)

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