Leviathan -Sozialismus – Feudalismus

Socialism is not just ruin camouflaged as equality. It is despair wrapped up in the rhetoric of hope.

— Hugo Gurdon

Leviathan -Sozialismus – Feudalismus

“The confused mass of rules of conduct called law, which has been bequeathed to us by slavery, serfdom, feudalism, and royalty, has taken the place of those stone monsters, before whom human victims used to be immolated, and whom slavish savages dared not even touch lest they should be slain by the thunderbolts of heaven.”

Peter Kropotkin


“Any society that entails the strengthening of the state apparatus by giving it unchecked control over the economy, and re-unites the polity and the economy, is an historical regression. In it there is no more future for the public, or for the freedoms it supported, than there was under feudalism.”

Robert Higgs


„Feudal systems of the past concentrated all ownership of land, and therefore all power, away from the masses and into the hands of the ‘elite’ few. It was nothing short of a total system of slavery, and therefore, the elimination of freedom. This sounds ominous, and it is, but feudalism is exactly what is being pursued today by the ruling and political class. In this current rapidly advancing transformation toward a feudal society, there is certainly a private land takeover plot in the works, but this system being built today is based more on total control of all economies and monetary systems, in order to subdue all.

Consider without prejudice, that you are now the target of this state in that you are being controlled, and therefore owned, at every level of life, instead of being able to control your own mind, body, psyche, and destiny. This behavior by the state monsters is an atrocity in every aspect of its being. To accept any of it whatsoever, is simply an admission that you are nothing more than a slave to this heinous system, where something calling itself government, can claim false authority over you by stating openly that you only have ‘rights’ allowed to you by the state thugs. As an aside, no worthless constitution , bill of rights, or any other feigned ‘governing’ document can protect you from a totalitarian state, as should be absolutely obvious given the terror we have experienced these past three years, and long, long before.“

Gary D. Barnett

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